Some pests can be so damaging that you can't help but take action. Pest poses a significant risk to your home or business. When you need to get rid of pests as quickly and effectively as possible, you need the services of Ecoscience Commercial Pest Control Services. 

Sanitizing is a chemical process that lessens and even kills germs on surfaces to make them safe for contact. Sanitizer also refers to household products (especially hand sanitizer) that are used to prevent the spread of disease.

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 Unfortunately, pests especially termites and bed bugs can be difficult to completely eradicate. They dig into the wood and other structures of buildings, which they destroy by carving hollow "galleries" in the wood. To get rid of termites reliably, your pest control must reach the termites in their gallery, wherever they are. To do this, you will need to treat the entire structure thoroughly.

How does fumigation work?

Before the actual work begins, people are asked to leave, and consumables (food, drink, medicine, etc.), and plants are removed from the structure. Next, a team of our Experts will prepare your property. They will seal doors and windows, and open interior doors and drawers to maximize the effectiveness of the pest control service. After preparing the interior, the team used tarpaulins and fixed tools to completely block the entry. This is called "attempting" ownership. Careful tenting at the site is essential to ensure safe and effective treatment (this option is dependent on the job type).

Once the building is secured, technicians will introduce an airborne gas, or fume gas, into the structure. The fumigation machine is specially built to kill pests and their eggs. It fills the enclosed space, penetrating even the deepest recesses of the wood grain by penetrating microscopic openings. Disinfectants are applied continuously for hours or, in some cases, even days. Once the pest control process is complete, our experts will test the air inside the structure to make sure it is safe. They will then perform a follow-up examination of the structure and prepare for your re-entry.

When you need it

The infestation of pests only gets worse if they are left unchecked for a longer period. As pests expand their territory, they create larger and more intricate galleries within your structure. Over time, these galleries can significantly affect the structural integrity of your building and lead to significant damage. Pests can also infest other important items, including your furniture, wood, stored goods, etc. 

If you think you have a Pest infestation, we recommend that you contact us immediately. Our experts will assess the nature and severity of your infestation and recommend the best course of action. Don't wait for a pest infestation to get even more expensive; Call Ecoscience Pest Solutions today!

Why Ecoscience fumigation

The technician at Ecoscience are duly trained and certified for the Job. Our smarter Pest Control is safer and more efficient with long-lasting results. Ecoscience fumigation can be called "smarter" because we have: 

- Better tools: Ecoscience uses only the latest Best Industry Technology, including safer and more effective fumigants, equipment, and other better products. 

- Smarter materials: Ecoscience experts use custom materials for your specific needs. We inspect your structure to make sure that all pests have been dealt with.

- Smarter Technicians: All members of the Ecoscience Pest Control Techs are professionals with years of training, experience, and expertise. They know how to effectively control pests of whatever magnitude because they already do it for your neighbors and local businesses. 

- Smarter Techniques: Ecoscience uses fumigation as part of a broader, integrated approach to pest control. We do not stop after we remove your parasites; We're sure they won't come back either.

Facilities we fumigate

Ecoscience designs custom fumigation strategies for a wide variety of facilities and structures, including:


Commercial Facilities



Containers, etc.

Ecoscience pest control plan

- Initial inspection

During our initial inspection, we’ll evaluate all potential entry points, assess the extent of any current infestations, identify harborage sites and conditions conducive to an infestation, and customize a comprehensive solution for your home.

- Initial service

During the treatment phase, we’ll put our customized plan into action. The treatments you receive will vary depending on your specific needs and which options you’ve chosen but may include product applications, exclusion services, bait station setup, and more.

-Follow-up pest treatment

Whether follow-up visits are part of your treatment plan or not, we're always available to return to your home and property if you’re not 100% happy with the results of our service. At Ecoscience, we take meeting the satisfaction of our customers seriously!

-Mosquito abatement program

At Ecoscience, our mosquito abatement program will help keep your property mosquito-free so you can get out and enjoy your yard without the worry of mosquitoes. To ensure that you are receiving the most effective mosquito elimination treatment, we use both a fogging approach and an Insect Growth regulator for our mosquito control services.

-Guaranteed satisfaction 

Here at Ecoscience, our customers are the reason we’re in business and we take your satisfaction seriously. We’re so certain we’ll exceed your expectations, hence the reason we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services or your money back. To learn more about our Pest Protection Plan or our additional services, contact us today!

Fumigation FAQ

What does fumigation do?

Fumigation is the process of clearing the air of pest insects and their eggs, such as bed bugs, by the use of gas. Fumigation is typically done by a professional who knows how to properly seal the space, as well as what type of gas to use. The fumigation process can take a few hours, days, weeks, or months to complete, depending on the size of the space.

What happens during fumigation?

Your structure will be enclosed by a team of Pest control technicians. They then release a pesticide into the structure and allow it to permeate all surfaces to reach the pests. The amount and duration of treatment depend on the level of infestation and the size of the affected structure.

How do I prepare for fumigation?

The main preparation you need to take care of is moving all humans, animals, plants, and consumables out of place. This includes all food, drink, and medication. Cosmetics, shampoos, and soaps are safe if they come in bottles or containers.

How long does fumigation take?

Anywhere from six hours to a week. The length of treatment depends on several factors, including: 

Level of infestation 

Size of Work 


Amount of pesticide needed 

Once the treatment is completed, the building will need enough time to ventilate before you can return to it.

How long do I wait after fumigation before moving in?

Both commercial and residential fumigation is a highly regulated process. Ecosciencs will allow your structure to be properly ventilated before testing it for safety. Once we determine that it is safe for humans to be there, we will give you an "all clear" notice.